Nordic Psychology (NP) is a Stockholm based product company within health tech, with the vision to revolutionize the future of psychological treatments. NP offers comprehensive solutions within VR treatment for both private and public health care with treatment programs for phobias, addiction, therapeutic relaxation, nutrition and eating disorders and physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

NP enables psychological treatment through VR, a treatment method that is in demand with strong evidence, that has not been available on the commercial market until now. Nordic Psychology delivers VR treatment programs and education, as well as equipment to both private and public health care. Through the different VR treatment programs, the patient can be exposed and treated for e.g. specific phobias or addictions, with help and guidance by the treater. In addition, there are treatment programs for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, stress/anxiety as well as different types of eating disorders.

The team behind Nordic Psychology have substantial knowledge in psychology, tech, marketing, law and entrepreneurship. To enable the highest quality, NP is partnering with one of the world’s leading companies within VR therapy and VR development. Our partner C2Care is fully dedicated to continuously develop VR therapy in partnership with leading research institutes, hospitals and experts. The combination of expertise gives Nordic Psychology the right conditions to realize the vision to revolutionize the future of psychological treatments.